Do Campsites Have Showers Stay Clean While Camping

Do Campsites Have Showers? Stay Clean While Camping

Camping is a popular outdoor activity that allows people to connect with nature, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and experience the thrill of the great outdoors. One essential question often comes to mind: Do campsites have showers?

Yes, many campsites offer showers, but availability can vary. State and national parks, private campgrounds, and RV parks often provide well-maintained shower facilities. However, primitive campgrounds may lack showers, requiring campers to use alternative methods.

Let’s explore the various aspects of showers at campsites!

The Importance of Showers at Campsites

Camping allows individuals and families to disconnect from their daily routines and immerse themselves in the natural world. However, being in the wilderness doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice basic hygiene. Showers at campsites play a crucial role in making camping accessible and enjoyable for a broader range of people. Here are some reasons why showers at campsites are essential:

1. Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is vital, even when you’re camping. Shower facilities provide campers with the means to wash off sweat, dirt, and grime accumulated during outdoor activities. Staying clean and fresh contributes to a more comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

2. Comfort

Camping can be physically demanding, with activities like hiking, fishing, and exploring. Having access to showers allows campers to relax and unwind after a day of outdoor adventures. Cleanliness and comfort go hand in hand, and showers help campers rejuvenate.

3. Extended Stay

Showers can extend the duration of camping trips. With access to clean and refreshing showers, campers are more likely to stay at a campground for an extended period. This benefits both campers and campsite operators.

4. Attracting a Diverse Range of Campers

Campsites with shower facilities attract a diverse range of campers, from families with young children to older adults who may require additional comfort. By offering showers, campgrounds can cater to a broader demographic.

Types of Campgrounds with Showers

Not all campgrounds offer shower facilities, and the availability of showers can depend on the type of campground you choose. Here are some common types of campgrounds and their likelihood of having showers:

1. State and National Parks

State and national parks are renowned for their pristine natural beauty, and many of them offer campgrounds with shower facilities. These campgrounds typically provide basic amenities to make camping accessible to a wide range of visitors.

2. Private Campgrounds

Private campgrounds, which are often owned by individuals or companies, vary in terms of amenities. Many private campgrounds prioritize comfort and convenience, and as a result, they frequently have shower facilities. These campgrounds often cater to both RV and tent campers.

3. RV Parks

RV parks primarily cater to recreational vehicle (RV) campers, but some of them also accommodate tent campers. The RV parks usually have well-maintained shower facilities to meet the needs of their guests, making them an excellent choice for those seeking camping with showers.

4. Primitive Campgrounds

Primitive or backcountry campgrounds are typically more remote and offer a more rustic camping experience. These campgrounds often lack modern amenities, including showers. Campers at primitive sites may need to rely on other methods for staying clean.

5. Campgrounds by Water

Campgrounds located near bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, or oceans, often provide shower facilities. These campgrounds recognize the importance of staying clean, especially for campers who engage in water-based activities.

It’s essential to research and choose a campground that aligns with your preferences and requirements, including the availability of showers.

Shower Facilities: What to Expect

The quality and availability of shower facilities at campgrounds can vary widely. While some campgrounds offer luxurious shower houses with hot water and modern amenities, others may provide more basic facilities. Here’s what you can generally expect from shower facilities at different campgrounds:

1. State and National Park Campgrounds

State and national park campgrounds typically offer well-maintained shower facilities. These facilities often include clean, individual shower stalls with hot water. They may also have restrooms and sinks for campers’ convenience.

2. Private Campgrounds

Private campgrounds vary in terms of shower facilities. Some offer modern, spacious shower houses with hot water, while others may provide simpler shower rooms or even outdoor showers. It’s a good idea to check the campground’s website or call ahead to inquire about their shower facilities.

3. RV Parks

RV parks usually have excellent shower facilities to cater to the needs of their guests. Expect clean, well-maintained shower houses with hot water and private stalls. These facilities are often similar in quality to those found in state and national park campgrounds.

4. Primitive Campgrounds

Primitive campgrounds are known for their minimalistic approach, and they may not offer shower facilities. Campers at primitive sites should be prepared to use alternative methods for staying clean, such as portable showers or bathing in natural water sources, if permitted.

5. Campgrounds by Water

Campgrounds located near water bodies often provide shower facilities, recognizing the need for campers to wash off sand and saltwater. These facilities can range from basic outdoor showers to more comprehensive shower houses.

When planning your camping trip, always inquire about the specifics of the shower facilities at your chosen campground to ensure they meet your expectations.

Tips for Showering at Campsites

Showering at campsites can be a different experience from the one you’re used to at home. Here are some tips to make the most of your camping shower experience:

1. Bring the Right Gear

Before leaving for your camping trip, make sure you have the necessary shower gear. This includes a towel, toiletries, a change of clothes, and, if needed, a portable shower or shower bag.

2. Timing Matters

Campground showers can get crowded during peak hours, typically in the morning and early evening. Consider showering during off-peak times to avoid long lines and wait times.

3. Be Mindful of Water Usage

Water conservation is essential when camping. Try to limit your shower time and use only the water you need to get clean. Many campgrounds encourage responsible water usage to preserve their natural resources.

4. Respect the Facilities

Treat campground shower facilities with respect. Clean up after yourself, and be considerate of other campers. Leave the showers as clean as you found them for the next person to enjoy.

5. Check the Temperature

Before stepping into the shower, test the water temperature to avoid any surprises. Adjust the temperature to your comfort level, especially if the showers have controls for hot and cold water.

6. Bring Flip-Flops

Wearing flip-flops or water shoes in the shower can help protect your feet from potential hazards and maintain cleanliness.

7. Consider Alternatives

If the campground’s shower facilities are not up to your standards or if you’re camping at a primitive site without showers, consider alternative methods for staying clean, such as using portable camping showers or taking a dip in a nearby lake or river, if permitted.

Alternatives to Campground Showers

While many campgrounds offer showers, some camping situations may not have access to such facilities. In these cases, campers can explore alternative methods for staying clean and fresh. Here are some alternatives to campground showers:

1. Portable Camping Showers

Portable camping showers are lightweight and easy to use. They typically consist of a water reservoir, a hose, and a showerhead. You can fill the reservoir with water, hang it from a tree or another sturdy surface, and use the showerhead for a refreshing wash.

2. Wet Wipes and Towels

Wet wipes and towels are convenient options for a quick clean-up when traditional showers are not available. They are easy to carry and can help you freshen up between outdoor activities.

3. Natural Water Sources

If you’re camping near a lake, river, or ocean and local regulations allow it, consider taking a dip in the natural water source. Swimming or wading can provide a refreshing and natural way to clean off.

4. Solar Showers

Solar showers use the sun’s energy to warm the water stored in a bag or reservoir. They are an eco-friendly option that can provide a warm shower even in remote camping locations.

5. Campground Facilities

If you’re at a campground without shower facilities, inquire if they offer any alternatives, such as communal sinks or basins for basic hygiene.


In conclusion, the availability of showers at campsites can greatly enhance the camping experience by providing a way to stay clean and comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors. Showers at campsites tend to be basic, offering either locked stalls or partitions with curtains, and providing hot or cold water with just enough space for an individual. While some campsites include shower access with your reservation or for an extra fee, others might charge a separate fee for non-reserved guests wishing to use the facilities.

Whether you prefer state and national park campgrounds, private campgrounds with modern amenities, or RV parks with well-maintained shower houses, there are options for campers of all preferences. Additionally, if you find yourself at a campground without showers, there are alternative methods for staying clean, such as portable camping showers and wet wipes.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to camp at a site with showers or to rough it in a more primitive setting is a personal one. Whatever your preference, the most important thing is to enjoy the beauty of nature and make lasting memories during your camping adventures. Showers at campsites are just one of the many conveniences that can enhance your outdoor experience and help you connect with the natural world without sacrificing comfort and cleanliness.

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